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Water Treatment Engineering 

I chose to study environmental engineering as an undergraduate because of an interest in preventing/remediating water pollution and ensuring safe drinking water for everyone. Today, I remain very interested in new desalination and wastewater treatment technologies that can ensure access to clean water for the entire world.



  • Fate and transport of trenbolone, one of the many so-called emerging contaminants polluting waters in the U.S. 

  • Understanding the thermodynamic minimum required for water seperations.

  • Improving desalination by eliminating scale formation

  • Fouling resistant membranes 


Related Coursework

  • Environmental Chemistry (U)

  • Aqueous Geochemistry (U)

  • Water Resource Engineering (U)

  • Quantitative Water Quality Analysis (U)

  • Principles of Water Quality Modeling (U)

  • Design of Water Treatment Facilities (U)

  • Design of Wastewater Treatment Facilities (U)


Related Teaching

  • Teaching Assistant for Quantitative Water Quality Analysis - University of Nevada, Reno, 2012

  • Seminar Lecturer for Environmental Business - Nordakademie University of Applied Sciences, 2016


Other related activities 

  • MIT Water Club Vice President, 2017-2018

  • MIT Water Club Lunch and Learn Chair, 2016-2017

  • UNR Water Treatment Club Captain, 2011-2013


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