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Crystallization at Interfaces

Crystallization is important in a surprising number of everyday processes. It is used in pharmaceutical development, industrial processes, and occurs naturally. In some applications, we want to increase crystallization rate (for example, when using crystallization to separate a useful product. In other applications, for example scale formation on marine equipment or in water treatment facilities, we want to elimiante crystal formation. Interfaces are useful for controlling crystallization because of a significantly reduced barrier for nucleation. 

Research Projects

  • Influence of texture, hydrophobicity, and liquid impregnation on scale formation in desalination

  • Selective precipitation of specific ionic crystals using engineered surfaces

Relevant Coursework

  • 10.55 Colloidal and Interfacial Science

  • 10.568 Crystallization Science and Technology

  • 5.069 Crystal Structure Analysis

  • Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

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