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My name is Samantha McBride and I am a Presidential Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Princeton University, where I work with Professor Howard Stone. I recently completed a PhD at MIT in the department of mechanical engineering, where I worked with Professor Kripa Varanasi on problems related to wettability, controlled crystallization, and material sustainability. Specifically, my dissertation focused on controlled formation of crystal patterns from drops and on anti-fouling materials for use in water treatment and desalination. Prior to joining MIT, I received an MS in Chemical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a BS in Environmental Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno.


I have been working in research labs for the past 10 years on a variety of topics related to water chemistry, fluid physics, and interfacial science. I am passionate about developing new technologies for improving water quality across the globe, and fascinated by the ways we can use microgravity for fundamental science investigations. At MIT, I was selected as a Martin Fellow for my research on water sustainability. I also served as vice president of the MIT Water Club and as a judge for the USA national Junior Stockholm Water Prize competition. During my master's work at RPI, I also became very involved with the microgravity research community (the American Society for Gravitational and Space Research, ASGSR) through a NASA-funded project led by Professor Amir Hirsa exploring use of a microgravity droplet reactor to investigate interfacial phenomena. I served as student president of ASGSR for two years, and became heavily involved with science education & outreach through this position. 

To learn more about my research, check out the recent highlights at the bottom of the page, or click on the Research or Publications tabs on the top menu. Feel free to contact me to discuss research, science outreach/advocacy, issues related to water sustainability, or microgravity science!

Recent Highlights

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